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Millennial Lingerie

Millennial Lingerie

A trend that we’ve adapted to like ducks to water here at Beija Flor HQ. With our For Keeps range nailing the #athleisure look,

we have moved on to interpret the #leisurèe trend of the moment. Incorporating elements of lingerie styling into our outerwear, and we don’t mean wearing your Limbo String out and about (no judgement.) It's super thin Burnt Bridges straps, it’s a chiffon top or glimpse of a Can’t Explain bossy bra.

Leisurèe is a walk along the thin line between bedroom and boardroom. It’s about marrying femininity with feminism and redefining what it means to be a modern woman. Owning the traits of our sex and understanding that they are what empower us and give us the ability to kick ass. Wear lace, wear satin, wear what the hell you like. They take nothing away from the polished look you are representing every day.

Our collections are designed with a strong determination to empower. For us feminine means ambitious, it means determined, it means healthy and self aware. Wear a slip dress, wear a delicate whisper of a Do It Anyway bra, these elements only add to your girl boss attitude.