Pattern Cutting : Tools of the trade

Pattern Cutting: Tools Of The Trade

Abbie, our co-founder and designer takes us through her lethal pencil case.

Lasting Pincer : A hangover from my shoe making days and looking like a frightening steam punk utensil, this tool adds seam allowances onto pattern pieces. You can alter the gauge of the pincers and it makes a nice neat indent in the card to follow with your pencil. Top boy.

Curve : Notoriously difficult to source, this tool is an integral piece of kit. It creates smooth curves and allows you to taper your ends perfectly.

Round Awl : Vital for pricking around the pattern to make sure it fits into the frame that you have made. It sort of mirrors the bite of the sewing machine so you can visualise the construction, but in card.

Pattern Notcher : Makes marks for the machinist to follow. The notches explain where pattern pieces need to meet. There is big trouble in the sample room if you forget to NOTCH YOUR F-ING PATTERN!

Metal ruler, German measuring tape, The Pentel Quicker Clicker Pencil 0.5mm. Because precision is the name of the game.



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