A bra for every boob!

A Bra For Every Boob!

We believe that women are interesting and diverse which means that we require a much more personal touch than Artificial Intelligence can deliver! Beija London offers a wonderfully intimate and interesting online bra fitting solution that is a beautiful touch point with our customers and fit experts. And, we deliver a great in person bra fitting service at our flagship store in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross. Ensuring you are wearing the correct fit and size is a well being imperative, and we can offer really specific advice about which bra will work for you, and the texture of your body. 

There is a common misconception that if your cup size is more Keira Knightly than Sofia Vergara you can wear ‘literally anything’ but contrary to popular belief, shopping for the perfect bra can be a real struggle for women with smaller busts! At Beija, we believe that every single woman deserves to look and feel beautiful in their underwear, which is why we have created a range of stunning lingerie especially for customers ready to feel content with their cup size.

Being small-chested gives you the huge advantage of being able to bypass underwires which so many women long to be rid of! Our soft yet substantial non-wired, bralette styles are designed for maximum comfort to give both structure and comfort for the smaller bust. Beija London’s X bras steer clear of the unnecessary bulk of padding and underwires, ensuring that the collection remains beautifully delicate and comfortable. There are plenty of terms to describe a flat chest, coined to make us feel masculine or inferior and some will have been horribly taunted as teenagers for their body shape. At Beija we will never bossily tell a woman to “love their body!” as sometimes that just feels like something else to add to an already lengthy list of societal requirements. But we will hold you guys as you journey to a place of body neutrality and acceptance about all the positives that come with having your specific shape.Shop the X collection of bras designed for flat chested women..

A mid size cup size, from a B-D cup will have her own personal insecurities in regards to the size and texture of her breasts. Maybe they were a lot bigger in her youth and have now deflated leaving rippling skin? Maybe she is longing for them to be bigger, or smaller but at Beija we endeavour to design specifically to deliver the right level of support and structure and delicacy that will make your breasts look spectacular! A mid size cup may be used to shopping anywhere and everywhere for a bra. But once you’ve tried Beija there will be no going back, and you will feel the difference immediately as you slide into a perfectly fitting Beija braShop the Y collection of bras designed for bra cup sizes B-D.

Finding a bra that is both supportive and stylish can be much trickier when your breasts are a DD cup and above. However, at Beija, we believe that every single woman deserves to look and feel beautiful in their underwear, whether they are sporting a flat chest or a fuller bust – which is why we have made sure that our range of gorgeous, inclusive lingerie includes a collection of gorgeous Z bras that are available in cup sizes from DD – H and back sizes 30 -36. They are designed specifically for the full support requirements of big cup sizes. For women with bigger breasts, the goal is to find a bra that integrates support and style seamlessly, and at Beija we don’t believe that you should have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. This is why our beautiful collection of Z bras for larger busts are made using the same luxurious fabrics as the rest of the line, the only difference is the addition of some much-needed technical materials and clever construction to help to give the added support that bigger cup sizes require.Shop the Z collection of bras designed for bra cup sizes DD-H.


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