A Bra for Every Boob: Fried Eggs

A Bra for Every Boob: Fried Eggs

There is a common misconception that if your cup size is more Keira Knightly than Sofia Vergara you can wear ‘literally anything’, but contrary to popular belief, shopping for the perfect bra can be a real struggle for women with smaller busts. From slipping straps to that awkward gap between the cup and the breast, women with smaller boobs have a whole host of lingerie gripes to deal with and finding a bra that is comfortable whilst still oozing sex appeal can often be difficult. At Beija, we believe that every single woman deserves to look and feel beautiful in their underwear, right the way up from AA to G – which is why we have created a range of stunning lingerie especially for customers ready to rock the flat-chested look.
Bras for smaller boobs.
Whether you’re looking for something bold and flirty or sexy yet subtle, at Beija our range of X-bras are perfect for women with smaller boobs. Being small-chested gives you the huge advantage of being able to bypass the uncomfortable underwire that so many other women have to suffer, and our soft yet substantial bralette styles are all completely without underwires for maximum comfort.

Designed to give both structure and comfort for the smaller bust, Beija London’s X bras steer clear of the unnecessary bulk of padding and underwires, ensuring that the collection remains beautifully delicate and comfortable.
At Beija, one of our favourite X-Bras for smaller breasts, is our ‘Caught Up’ range in black, (which is also available in Y and Z sizes!) Designed to be one of our most comfortable yet alluring collections yet, our Caught Up bra is made using a smooth, black fishnet fabric with a soft tulle net liner and decorative elastic around the neck-edge, with silver metal hardware.
Choosing a bra for smaller boobs. 

At Beija, our bras are available in a range of sizes, that cover the whole spectrum of cup sizes. Our X category which has been designed especially for women who are proud of their flatter frame comes in S, M and L which is fitted to a UK 8 (S) 10 (M) and 12 (L).
For more information about choosing a bra for smaller busts that will have you looking, and feeling beautiful, or for more information about any of our range please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice via email: hello@beija.london.


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