A Bra for Every Boob: Life Sources

A Bra for Every Boob: Life Sources

Throughout pregnancy and after giving birth, new mums are faced with huge changes to their body that can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. So, if you’re planning on breastfeeding your newborn, it’s important that you have a bra that makes you feel beautiful, secure and, most importantly, comfortable. At Beija, we believe that every single woman deserves to look and feel beautiful in their underwear, especially those who have just given birth – which is why we have made sure that our range of gorgeous, inclusive lingerie includes bras that are suitable for post-partum customers.


For breastfeeding mothers, comfort is the number one priority as many women can feel uncomfortable, and even insecure in their own bodies after such a huge change – and the impact of body image and self-esteem on your mental health is not to be underestimated or ignored.

With this in mind, the things you need to think about when choosing a bra after giving birth are:

FLEXABILITY: Your bra should allow extra room for when your milk comes in and should never constrict or squeeze your breasts.

HIGH COTTON CONTENT: High cotton content will not only provide the necessary comfort that all breastfeeding mothers need, but it can also help to soak up any leakage discreetly with minimal visibility.

WIDE, NON-SLIP SHOULDER STRAPS: Secure, non-slip shoulder straps will give the much-needed support that breast feeding mothers need, along with ensuring minimal movement.  

At Beija, our team of experts have designed a beautiful range of Clarity Bras that are set to be our most comfortable collection yet. The Clarity range, which is available in grey or blush with a bold black trim, has been crafted from the finest Italian cotton fabric to ensure both comfort and style for new mums. The collection has also been developed to ensure maximum support and the foam cups will help to disguise leaky boobs throughout the day, making our Clarity collection perfect for women wanting to look, and feel, ultra-confident post-partum!


After giving birth your breasts fluctuate between sizes quite dramatically, so we would always recommend getting your bust re-measured as your cup size will likely have changed. At Beija, our bras are available in a range of sizes, that cover the whole spectrum of cup sizes. Our X category comes in S, M and L which is fitted to a UK 8 (S) 10 (M) and 12 (L). Large will fit up to a C cup. The Y category fits a B - D cup, these shapes offer wired support with maximum comfort. Our Z category is for the bigger cup sizes, DD - G.

For more information about choosing post-partum lingerie that will have you feeling comfortable and looking fantastic, or for more information about any of our range please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice via email: hello@beija.london.



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