A Bra for Every Boob: Post Op

A Bra for Every Boob: Post Op

One of the struggles that many women face after their surgery for breast cancer, is finding a bra that fits, looks good and, most importantly, is comfortable.
After the life-changing shock of diagnosis, followed by the physical and emotional trauma that comes with the treatment of breast cancer, the matter of buying lingerie post-op might seem a little trivial – but, for many women it is a big step forward on the road to recovery. At Beija, we believe that every single woman deserves to look and feel beautiful in their underwear, especially those who have fought, or are still fighting, breast cancer – which is why we have made sure our range of stunning lingerie includes bras that are suitable for post-op customers. 
Finding a bra after a mastectomy.
Whether you’ve recently undergone a local excision or had a full mastectomy, the impact of treatment is never just a physical one. Many women can feel uncomfortable, and even insecure in their own bodies after such a huge ordeal – and the impact of body image and self-esteem on your personal happiness is not to be underestimated or ignored. At Beija, we do our best to ensure that you find the right bra to help you to feel sexy and confident again as quickly as possible.
Things you need to think about when choosing a post-op bra include:

High cotton content: bras with a high cotton content not only provide necessary comfort, but they work well in warmer temperatures – particularly for women experiencing hot flushes.
Coverage: your bra should have enough fabric on the side panels to provide support and coverage for any excess skin due to tissue scarring.
Cup separation: clear separation between the cups of your bra ensures minimal movement, which is particularly important for women wearing a breast prosthesis.
At Beija, our lingerie experts have developed a gorgeous range of Clarity Bras designed to be our most comfortable collection yet. Available in grey or blush with a bold black trim, the gorgeous Clarity range is made from the finest Italian cotton fabric to ensure both comfort and style. The collection has also been developed to ensure maximum coverage and cup separation for those wearing a breast prosthesis – making our Clarity bras perfect for women wanting to look, and feel, ultra-confident post-surgery!
What bra should I choose after breast reduction surgery?

After undergoing breast surgery, we would always recommend getting your bust re-measured as your cup size may have changed slightly from what you’re used to. At Beija, our bras are available in a range of sizes, that cover the whole spectrum of cup sizes. Our X category comes in S, M and L which is fitted to a UK 8 (S) 10 (M) and 12 (L). Large will fit up to a C cup. The Y category fits a B - D cup, these shapes offer wired support with maximum comfort. Our Z category is for the bigger cup sizes, DD - G.
For more information about choosing a post-op bra that will have you feeling fantastic, or for more information about any of our range please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice via email: hello@beija.london.


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