A Moment for Me :: The Bare Necessities

A Moment for Me :: The Bare Necessities

By Abbie Miranda

We’ve all lost ourselves a bit over the countless lockdowns we’ve endured and that couldn’t be a more natural response. At a time when there is less noise and distraction the exposure of our emotions and feelings are magnified. We are certainly feeling all the feelings. So let’s give ourselves a fresh focus... Let’s cut through the chaos and take pleasure in the here and now. Finding solace in proven comforts.

Lets find the joy in everyday essentials. Ordinary things have a surprising power to create extraordinary joy. That’s what we want to embrace!

Happiness is a state that comes from feeling content and secure - but joy, joy is more immediate, it’s an honest and intense outburst of positive emotion. What can we do within our bubbles to experience moments of joy and help bust out of our lockdown blues? At Beija, we had a lot of joy creating our Bare Necessities shots! Maybe we were delirious from the endless, pointless walks around the block only shopping for essentials, but we have to find the joy somewhere these days!

Now more than ever, we take on various roles in the space of a day, let alone a lifetime. As we learn to adapt to the twists and turns, we learn the boundaries that come with each choice. Clothing is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and the part we are playing. Let’s use it to express and reinforce who we are as individuals, responsibilities aside. 

Working from home has given us the opportunity to ask ourselves what clothes actually feel good. But why not take it a step further, and use this as an opportunity to discover how our clothes can be a source of joy, too? To make new choices that help us to feel our best. Choose our outfit as we do our attitude. Wear more of what makes us feel good to instil confidence and to energise us!

The secret ingredient to dressing for joy? A great fitting, gorgeous bra of course! Fine, we’re totally biased but you can’t deny that there really is magic in dressing for the occasion. However simple that occasion may be. From sofa surfing to supermarket sweeps.

At Beija, our Moment For Me campaign seeks to celebrate the moments when we feel most like our favourite ‘selves’ again - when we feel enough, content, calm, fun, fantastic even! Kindness to ourselves has never been so important. We might come out of this a little different, but we’re definitely coming out of this a lot stronger.

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