Subject: Beija Co-founder talks boobs, bod, and bump.

Beija Co-Founder Talks Boobs, Bod And Bump.

My cup size has fluctuated for as long as I can remember depending on my weight, the time of the month and most recently the bucket load of hormones that come with being pregnant. The beauty of Beija is that while your boobs and body weight jump around from size to size, the styling and design you love stays consistent.

SUMMER 2017:

Last summer I was my most usual cup size - a 32B. I had the luxury of being in to two categories. I could enjoy the wirefree styles in the X Category and when I needed a bit more shape or lift for a certain outfit I would wear the Y Category. 

SUMMER 2018:

I’m due next month and my boobs surprise me everytime I look at them! I’m mostly wearing a 34D but I’m also creeping up into the Z Category when I need a more secure fit - I’ll wear a 34E. I don’t like missing out on beach volleyball!

Let's Break it Down


Always wirefree, good for smaller boobs UK 8/10/12.



MedIum wired support for cup sizes B - D.



Full wired support with a little more construction for DD - G.

Some women’s boobs go up by 3 cup sizes during their cycle, so never pigeon hole yourself into a size or category or let it stress you out too much. Trying on is essential, that’s why we say buy a bunch of sizes and send back what doesn’t fit. Returns are free!

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Mazie x


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