Beija Wedding Underwear

Beija Wedding Underwear

By Abbie Miranda

A Beija bride tends to be pretty untraditional and is looking for more than your average smooth, ‘nude’ strapless moulded bra for her wedding day. With so many date and plan changes, the modern bride is adaptable and a new ‘whatever goes' attitude has emerged post lockdown. The wedding has changed shape so many times through the pandemic, with epic expensive weddings having to be cancelled and all the effort going to waste. Cutting guest lists to meet government guidelines, we can’t even begin to imagine the stress of it all! Now that they're back on let's consider the underwear you might like to wear on your wedding day.  Yes, there are some wedding dresses that require really specific underwear that disappears and is totally seamless and smooth beneath a bias cut shift style wedding dress for example. But there’s another perspective to consider and that is - who the hell cares if a fancy Beija bra is peaking out? One that is fun and comfortable and that makes you feel good. MIL is just going to have to get used to it.

Beneath a white wedding suit, with a low front, you could try the Caught Up blue set that also delivers your ‘something blue’ for luck. And the matching blue thong with adjustable tanga sides would be perfect under some high waisted white 70’s style wedding trousers. 

Under a frou frou tulle type wedding dress, Molly Goddard vibes - the White Waves bra will add romance and hit those peak feminine highs. The neckline of the bra is wavy and soft and the lace adds a beautiful texture to your look. 

A vintage embroidered cream coloured wedding dress could pull off a Beija Al Fresco bra beneath it. The mustardy yellow tone will freshen up the look, the lace is beautiful and the fit of the bra is so flattering. 

Traditionally, on the wedding day the underwear women tend to wear is the shiny, compressing bodysuit garments. They might have an inbuilt strapless bra, maybe even a corset situation going on too. It will 100% be an unappealing shade of brown. It’s certainly solution wear and makes you feel compact like you could bounce coins off your bum. Beija wedding underwear is softer and guaranteed you’ll be more comfortable on the dance floor late into the night.

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