#BeijaInspo : Lady Skollie of Cape Town

#BeijaInspo : Lady Skollie Of Cape Town

Khoisan Kween Mother, Lady Skollie 2016

Sex, food and sleep. Human sexuality, 'the simplest and the most complicated thing' and about which, artist Laura Windvogel AKA Lady Skollie has a lot to say. Her colourful and playful work finds joy in the erotic and shines a torch on conceptions of desire, gender, attraction, sex, intimacy and consent, and not only in an African context. Her voice is crude, it's unashamed and she's taking on the task of destroying patriarchal, misogynistic norms whether it be via her art, or her skills on social media. She's here to evoke rage and I want one on my wall.Viewing Pleasure IV and Pussy Print III, by Lady Skollie 2016.Photo by Danielle Bowler, March 2016.Seeing shortcuts in the phallic landscape, Lady Skollie 2016. 

Cover photo by Anthea Pokroy.

By Abbie Miranda, May 2017.



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