Beija's Best Knickers, Pants, Thongs and Strings.

Beija's Best Knickers, Pants, Thongs and Strings.

By Abbie Miranda

Beija London is known for our well fitting bras for large breasts, and our X, Y, Z sizing categories that means we can cater to cup sizes AA-H thoughtfully. Well we also do great bottoms in different shapes to flatter your bum! There are lots of different names for your undercrackers. At Beija we prefer to say briefs or knickers over panties (bleurgh.) ‘Panties' is used most commonly in the US. In the UK there are lots of funny names for your underwear, ‘smalls’ being the most ironic as our favourites are often not small at all! ‘Innerwear’ as opposed to your ‘outerwear’ also made us lol and presumes your lingerie isn’t designed to be seen. Hell no!Granny Pants, renamed at Beija as Deep Briefs. This full knicker shape is comfortingly covering on the tummy. The fabric covering your lower stomach gives a sense of protection and gives a smoothness under your clothes. This style of full brief flatters most shapes. If your bum is full and wide at the bottom of the cheek, it might cut across your fullest part and instead we’d suggest a style that is even more cut away on the back panels like Al Fresco over Caught Up. Brazilian Briefs are more skimpy than your regular classic knicker shape. They might dip at the front a little and will be cut away at the back panels on your bottom. They pretty much suit everyone, and the Brazilian opinion is that less fabric covering your bum cheeks makes it look smaller. If your shape is quite boxy on the bottom half, it suits to pull the sides up on the Brazilian brief which is flattering. Beija's Stripes brief is a nice inbetweener. Not too skimpy, but not full bum coverage. Spot on.Thongs come under all guises. They can be super stringy and skimpy and are sometimes referred to as a ‘cheese string.’ Ouch. Beija’s stringiest thongs are Caught Up and Zephyr. They feature adjustable sides for comfort and ease. The Stripes thong available in black, white and a pale pink is super small, delicate and fine. It doesn’t feature the adjustable tanga sides but is lovely and soft around the waist with a beautiful French lace trim. Fuller thongs are great for comfort and no VPL. The Waves Tanga in the same way won’t give you a VPL under your clothes as there is no elastic on the leg of the back panels. The Maple and Blush, tan coloured tanga thongs seen below will disappear under your clothes.  A beautiful, luxurious lace thong in our Al Fresco range is stunning. It is classy and has wide sides which don't dig in. The wide soft elastic around the waist of the thong adds a modern finish to the romantic vibe.

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