Beija's Festive Lingerie Gift Guide

Beija's Festive Lingerie Gift Guide

By Abbie Miranda

Don't label us or put us in a box, however... There are some Christmas characters that sum up the season, and who we can all relate to! On your list of 'who to buy for' this year, there will be some personalities we are sure you'll recognise. Is she...


A festive Bridget Jones, eternally blind to her own beauty and stuck in the practical vs sexy conundrum. Come on Bridge, Granny Pants have had a re-boot. Stick 'em on under some tight jeans and a 'going out' top and ring in New Year's 2001 all over again! Check out Beija's Al Fresco and Caught Up ranges.

Mariah Carey, the doyenne of Christmas. She's only been waiting 11 months! Or 23 if you skip last year's poor show... She wants to go BIG this year. Double up on gifts for her, she will be in a frenzy of unwrapping and singing under the Christmas tree before lunchtime! Double down on Waves.

Whitney Houston does the Preacher's Wife slinging snowballs and singing carols in classy cashmere. This wholesome character wants to snuggle up and get sentimental. Cosy is the key to her heart and comfort is her jam. We'd recommend Stripes in black and Waves in maple.

Elf the movie. Nothing beats it and no-one is cuter than Zooey Deschanel, you want to pop her in your pocket as a little winter hand warmer! Her gift to you will be tender and thoughtful. Grab her something ultra sweet like Stripes in pink or Waves in blush in return and see her eyes glisten and sparkle.

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