Best Bra Fitter In Town.

Best Bra Fitter In London.

By Abbie Miranda

Meet Anita, Beija’s newest bra fitter on the team and manager at our flagship lingerie store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross. Anita is experienced, kind and you’ll be in safe hands with her as she helps you to find your perfect bra fit. The job of a bra fitter is really special and it’s an honour to work in this field.

Hello Anita :)

Hey gorgeous!

What do you love most about being a bra fitter?

Being able to speak to women from different backgrounds, different walks of life; so much wisdom to gain and love to be shared.

How long have you been working in this specialised area?

I have been fitting since I was 15/16, so almost 14 years.

What are key traits and skills specific to being a bra fitter that are necessary to being fantastic at your job?

I would say to stay current with all lingerie knowledge as styles and shapes vary. To also remember that, women are all different shapes and sizes and they should all be embraced. And to be welcoming, this is a very key skill because bra fitting is an intimate process.

One key bit of advice women should follow when shopping for lingerie?

To ensure that the bridge of the bra is sitting flat between the breast tissue. And that, the underwire of the bra traces to the front of the armpit. In addition, to bring your breasts forward to fit the cup's capacity and to evenly spread out the weight of your breasts in the bra.

What’s your favourite Beija bra?

Definitely Forecast. A close second is Al Fresco, anything mustard gets my love.

What is your go to Beija bra for someone with a full cup who wants maximum lift and shape?


If you're empty in the top cup, which Beija bra would you recommend?


One standout experience from the fitting room you’d like to share?

There are truly so many. I’m even smiling as I write this because I have met so many amazing women! But one that stands out for me is definitely my time in a department store and I got to fit Mary Berry. She’s just as sweet as her cakes and she gave me some great advice.

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