Beija London models wearing non-wired bras and underwired bras

Best Non Wired Bras for Large Cups

We all wish we can wear a classic Calvin Klein bralette, lightweight, stretchy with a sporty look. However, the reality is the most popular size at Beija in the Z category is a 34E. The popular Victoria’s Secret bralette isn't going to work too well for a 36H either.

1. Beija London

At Beija we have an extensive range of non wired bras, though they are specifically designed for small cup sizes up to a C cup, or even enhanced breasts up to a DD. We’re always being asked if we do non wired bras for bigger busts and we’re absolutely working on it!

At Beija we pride ourselves on perfect fit. To us this means a good level of support which creates a natural and lifted shape, improving posture and reducing back and neck pain. Designing and creating a wireless bra for the larger cup sizes isn’t an easy job as essentially, wires create separation and shape. In a perfectly fitting Beija bra the wire will be no bother and you will feel comfortable and supported. Perfecting it takes time and it involves technical fabrics and constructions.

2. Marks and Spencer

Offer a great selection of non wired bra styles in large cup sizes. Their collection of bras is varied and they offer a broad range of under band sizes. 

3. Freya

Freya bras are notoriously good for big busts. Their non wired bralettes for big cup sizes vary from very relaxed fitting crop top styles, to bras that are more structured. The collection has a neutral colour palette.

4. Calvin Klein 

Have lots of crop top style bralettes in stretch cotton. The top size is 38DD and suits breast shapes that are already quite lifted. The classic Calvin Klein branding on the elastic around the underband is notorious.


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