Best Wirefree Bras For Small Cup Sizes

Best Wirefree Bras For Small Cup Sizes

By Abbie Miranda

What is so special about designing bras specifically for small cup sizes is the joy of sharing the lingerie experience with women that have traditionally been marginalised from the world of lingerie. Welcome to Beija’s X category flat chested friends! Our customers with small cup sizes from AA - B tell us that they ‘don’t need a lot’ that they ‘just’ wear sports bra crop tops. But Beija is here to re-engage those women with the deeply feminine experience of enjoying their shape without comparison, and educate them on the impact of boring beauty standards that have lead them to believe that the lingerie experience is not for them as they don’t have, or want even, neither ’DDs’ or a ‘handful!’ These outdated perceptions and their repercussions linger, but we are lucky to live in a time when the tide is changing. ‘Fried eggs,’ really??A small cup size is the envy of some women, particularly the freedom from under boob sweat and the joy of wearing lightweight and delicate wire free bralette with minimal support. An aerodynamic figure is something to behold and our bra fitters absolutely love to see women exploring our X category as they admire their boobs, sometimes for the first time, just as they are.A collection of bras designed specifically for small boobs. Made using fabric that is sumptuous and sensual that highlights and delights in your form!Beija's X bra category features a diverse range of styles. From non-padded bralette shapes like Al Fresco, to styles like Forecast that feature a little foam insert in the bottom cup. Beija’s racer back bras without wires include Forecast, Al Fresco and Freestyle. Our nod to the crop top trend comes in the form of Caught Up. Fishnet fabric, with a tight but bouncy weave. We’re here for it and everyone better just get used to our nipples!

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