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#BeijaInspo: When You're A Feminist And Love Rap

#BeijaInspo: When You're A Feminist And Love Rap
This is the muse for you. She's called Zoe Buckman and she is consistently and beautifully expressing lots of the things us women are thinking about. 
Nina Simone said 'An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times.' In my opinion, this quote is apt when it comes to Zoe.
Her exhibition, Every Curve appeals to us for it's canvas - lingerie! She has intricately embroidered rap verses onto the pieces and in doing so, soothed the dichotomies between power and vulnerability. Machismo and femininity.
 Heart her for voicing the internal struggle.
Some things she's done more recently include marbleizing her placenta. Iconic.
Discussing planned parenthood and being an OG. 
Her colour palette is off the hook. Her message clear and empowering. Girl power to the bone.
* Disclaimer, all artwork featured in this post is by Zoe Buckman and all pics are from Tumblr.
By Abbie Miranda, November 2016.