Beija London bra worn by Eimar Varian Barry

Big Retail And Small Lingerie Brands

The big lingerie retailers are feeling the pressure of the growing popularity for smaller, independent lingerie brands. Smaller scale brands with a strong brand identity and authentic relationships with their customer base can be nimble and responsive in ways that larger underwear retailers can’t. Independent lingerie

Blog posts brands can gain a ‘cult brand’ notoriety where big brands are unable as they will have a long standing reputation that can be hard to shake if it seems ‘out of touch.’

Lingerie brands from the UK are world renowned for their commitment to supplying well fitting bras. The shopping experience can be daunting as they offer so many varying styles and designs and colours, but this can also be a bonus as the options are so varied you are sure to find something that will work for you. Prices are usually lower as they buy larger volumes and benefit from the economies in scale where smaller underwear brands can’t necessarily compete. Larger retailers might cater to a wider range of sizes, and have more routes to market that the consumer can benefit from as the product is accessible on regular high streets and inside department stores and shopping centres. This exposure gives confidence to the customer, but takes away from the uniqueness. 

Small underwear businesses competing with global businesses such as Marks and Spencer, Calvin Klein, Third Love and Aerie have a challenge. Market share is dominated by brands with huge marketing spends and experience in retail, but as we have learnt since the Pandemic, these things seem less important as the retail landscape adapts to the new reality post Covid. Here is where small, independent lingerie stores offer brand experiences and customer communication that is of great value and in being smaller scale can turn and refocus strategy more easily.

Being a little guy thrown in with the big lingerie retailers, Beija thrives by cultivating solid and authentic connections with our customer base and really taking the responsibilities of our platform seriously. The brands founders are on the ground running the business which gives independent brands the edge as they can feel when trends or moods are changing and respond quickly and efficiently. The consumer understands that by buying directly from independents, they are making a statement with their money and consciously helping to facilitate growth in something they can believe in. It’s a considered spend and motivated towards reshaping the lingerie landscape which only adds to the underwear offering available to all different types of women’s tastes. Whether it be a Victoria’s Secret push up bra, a Calvin Klein bralette or an organic cotton triangle bra, this is totally something to be celebrated! Whether it’s Beija London bras or Marks and Spencer bras, the differences and diversity in product for the consumer to choose between adds interest and makes the sector one to keep an eye on!


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