Lead image - artwork by Zoe Buckman, NOMI.

Inspiration ssssstrikes everywhere, and with a son passionate about snakes, my search history is full of them! It's been said (by a man) that a pram in the hallway is the death of creativity, but Beija's team is proof of the opposite. Children open you up to a whole new way of seeing the world and stories at bedtime can lead to a subconscious infiltration of interests and themes that filter into our creative output. Photos by Emily Dorio.

So snakes and slow worms, overgrown undergrowth and wild nature and the life that inhabits it draws us in for SS23.The snake edge and net scales of the Boa stretch lace called out for a reptilian colour to sit alongside the classic black. The plunge shape is at the behest of our community of customers calling out for a Beija bra with a low centre front, and perfectly skimpy, comfy pants. Sssssatisfying.

Photos below are of fit samples. A fun part of the development and production process getting to try the first samples on!Boa delivers ultimate lift and forward projection while looking neat and delicate. Officially (another) firm favourite in your Beija bra-drobe.

By Abbie Miranda


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