Body Acceptance : Campaign Launch

Body Acceptance : Campaign Launch

By Abbie Miranda

This last year has brought about a lot of change for us all. We have had a lot of time alone, a lot of time with our own reflections and a lot of disruption to our routines. For some of us that has meant emotional changes, for some of us physical change but either way it's been a bumpy ride. We feel like this is a really important time to take a moment to reflect and take note of where we are.

This season at Beija London all of our focus is on body acceptance. This has always been a core value for us but we feel like this is the moment we need to shout it from the rooftops. Body acceptance, which is also referred to as body neutrality (but we find that a bit of a mouthful!) challenges the idea that you need to love your body and appearance in order to feel good about yourself.In reality, you don’t have to hate or love your body. Instead, you can simply accept it for what it is: the vehicle that carries you from place to place and allows you to enjoy all that life has to offer. The idea that you have to love every part of your physical self feels like another thing to add to the list of 'how to be a woman' and we're not here for that.Society has given us a disproportionate view on bodies. One of the key reasons we created Beija was to try and help change the landscape of the lingerie industry whilst celebrating and showcasing realism. We want our children and young people alike to grow up in a world where the emphasis isn't on how you look; a world where self worth isn't measured by physical attributes. One where they will see themselves reflected in the imagery that Beija puts out into the world. 

For this shoot we called out to friends of the brand to come together and help us spread this energy and give a real life perspective on what it means to be a woman. We hope by having these open conversations we can inspire those who don't feel content in their own skin. And reassure them that it takes a long time to learn to be a woman, and the journey is what makes us so complex, intriguing and strong.This has been much more than a photoshoot for us. It's allowed us to check in with ourselves and how we want to reflect and respond to the outside world. The opportunity to come together and remind ourselves how powerful women are was a privilege. We hope you find it empowering.

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