Book your Post-Lockdown Bra Fitting

Book Your Post-Lockdown Bra Fitting

Anyone else got the road map out of Lockdown set up as Calendar alerts? Some of us are beside ourselves with excitement, others are frozen with anxiety finding it impossible to remember how civilian life functions! Whatever your stress level, one thing’s for sure - we have been missing women’s services specific to our wellbeing and confidence. The services that make us feel like our best selves. One of the key things that we can do for ourselves is to make sure we are wearing the right size bra that looks great and feels comfortable, but that also brings your wardrobe together ensuring your clothes look the best that they will. 

Some of our bodies might have changed throughout this year. Certainly our personal style has adapted to the ‘new normal’ and we need bras that complement both of these considerations. So we are absolutely thrilled to be opening the doors to our store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross on the 12th of April. We welcome you with wide open arms (and super hygienic changing rooms) to come in for a bra fitting with one of our professional, friendly and kind bra fitters. We will offer a fabulous bra fitting guide specific to your needs and you will be able to try on the collection safely and we will serve you in finding the perfect fit, in the most flattering colours! At Beija we don’t use a measuring tape to gauge your size, we will talk thoroughly about what your needs and desires are and then try on a few bras (sometimes loads!) and work out the best fit and size that works for you. It is not a pressured situation. The time spent is so valuable and informative, and we absolutely love serving you women!

If you are in London and looking for ‘a bra fitting near me’ well, just book your slot to come into our store for a mega try on! King’s Cross is so accessible, and the area is perfect for a socially distanced afternoon as we emerge from our Covid chrysalis into Spring time. If you can’t make it down, of course we are still running online bra fittings - so, we will see you IRL, or virtually - and we can’t wait!

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