Bra Colour: When does it Matter?

Bra Colour: When Does It Matter?

So, the colour of your bra is no one's business but your own...unless of course you want it to be someone else’s business! There are no rules as to when you should be wearing or not wearing certain tones, it is entirely up to you and your own personal style, preferences and needs. From the classic beige t-shirt bra that will show no trace under your white tee, to a bold lacy cup made to be seen in that dress- bra colours range from the practical to the jazzy, and all have their rightful place in your lingerie drawer.

Neutral tones

Neutral tones are great for wanting to keep your lingerie discreet. Perfect underneath all clothing, neutral tones are versatile and practical. As the lingerie industry is finally coming to the realisation that there isn’t just one shade of “nude” (yep, the classic beige), numerous brands are creating neutral bras for a variety of skin tones. Nubian Skin, Nude Barre and Love, Vera are just a few brands catering to more than just white skin and are doing so with practical and beautiful designs.

Classic Black & White 

You can’t really go wrong with a classic black or white bra. Both colours are timeless, chic and, let’s be honest, staples in your bra rotation. White bras provide a fresh and bright look especially for the warmer months (and especially if they’re of the lacey variety). Black bras are elegant, functional, and hot! A little bit of a black lace peeking through your top always looks great. For your go-to black and white styles, the Waves and Stripes bras are a must.

All the Colours

Lingerie as outerwear has surpassed the trend phase and is well and truly here to stay. We’ve all seen the watered down bondage inspired strappy look, and it is definitely one way to incorporate your underwear into an outfit. However, playing with colour can be just as impactful. A colourful shoulder strap, or slightly visible bright lace cup can elevate any outfit from the casual to the refined. I personally love pastel colours for summer tops and dresses, and either neon or rich tones for winter time.

Beija Colour Picks

Classic black and white:

  1. Waves- honeycomb lace provides a chic touch to an everyday style.
  2. Stripes- perfect for a smooth silhouette.
  3. Stand Out- leopard print with a great lift.

    Pretty pastels:

    1. Caught up- understated style in pink and blue shades.
    2. Stripes pink- smooth finish providing a natural shape.
    3. Icon- cute creamy colour great for those white tops.

      Bold and beautiful:

      1. Tracks- super support and awesome shape.
      2. Forecast- gorgeous lace that should be seen.
      3. Zephyr- fuller coverage that doesn’t compromise on style and comfort.


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