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Bra Shopping For Big Boobs.

By Abbie Miranda

If you are shopping for a bra with big boobs, there is lots to consider. You might be after a minimising bra designed for big cups, a style that doesn’t make them look even bigger which is important if you are already self conscious of their size. Choosing a bra to suit your shape and that fits well is sure to make you feel positive about your larger cup size! Big boobs are a joy, they are the envy of many and the bane of a lot of women’s lives. However, Beija Z cup bras really are here to help give you pride in your bra size. Minimising nude full support braJo is in Beija’s Z category. She gives us the low down on her journey to appreciation for her F cup size and what she is looking for when shopping for a bra for a fuller cup. Black lace full cup size bra'Beija is the only lingerie I own. I have always had big boobs for my frame so I've always felt embarrassed by them, hiding them in sports bras and jumpers. Of course as I've gotten older I've learnt to love them and Beija played a big part in that. I can't really explain why they make my boobs look good, they just do! They're pretty, feminine, modern and just hoist all the right places to perfectly frame my boobies. Waiting for the day people wear bras on top of clothes to show them off, my bras are nicer than my clothes!'Yellow full support braSign up for our newsletter here! And, feel welcome to email us at for fit, styling and gifting advice.


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