Bra Size Guide: Find your fit with Beija London

Bra Size Guide: Find your fit with Beija London

By Abbie Miranda

Similarly to knowing your eye prescription, knowing your bra size is key for your health and well being. As well as your confidence. Yes, between brands, your size might vary and this can be frustrating. At Beija London, we are pretty much in line with the rest of the UK High Street when it comes to sizing, but the fail safe option is to have a fitting with us and try on some Beija bras. Different styles may suit you more than others, one might nip in uncomfortably on your breast bone, or be a little baggy on the top cup which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong size - just that there are other styles that will suit your shape better. If you are used to European bra sizing, sometimes you will find that UK bra sizes can come up a little bigger in the cups. If you are used to US bra sizing, you will find that the UK’s bra sizing is more tailored as we offer a larger range of cup sizes i.e. we call DDD an E and we offer FF cups. You can see how easily mistakes can be made when trying to get this right! So speaking to a Beija bra fitting expert can really help you out. Just shoot us an email or a phone call to get some bra fit advice. This is what we’re here for, please don’t feel awkward about giving us a call to chat about boobs and bras if you are interested in purchasing a Beija bra. 

There are many ways to measure yourself for a bra, and we offer a digital bra fitting that you can click through. It is called the Fit Finder Quiz on our website. If you do find yourself coming up with a rogue result that you think is way out of spec, don’t feel defeated. Bra fitting is a skill, bra fitters are trained professionals, long practised in understanding the dance between what the numbers may say on the measuring tape and the personal texture and shape of your boobs. If you are based in or near to London, we would love you to come into the Beija Flagship store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross where you can have an enjoyable bra fitting experience in person and try on our collection. We can guide you through as together we look at bra sister sizes for specific styles, and give you a really enlightening and interesting guide on how a bra should fit. You will leave no longer questioning, ‘what bra size am I?’ and instead feel empowered and gloriously proud of your boobs, whatever size or shape they are. 

At home when you’re searching the internet for the answer to ‘what bra size am I?’ you will come up with bra size guides, bra size converters, bra measurement guides and all sorts of information that can feel like a confusing equation which you need a calculator for. However if you follow Beija’s steps in our online Fit Finder guide, you will see a few options and you can choose the one which is tailored to your comfortability. This can be the click through Fit Finder Quiz, an online bra fitting appointment done via video call with one of our specialist bra fitters or an in store bra fitting appointment in our King’s Cross store. 

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