Bra Size Reality Check

Bra Size Reality Check

By Abbie Miranda

There is a real misconception that DD size boobs are MASSIVE. DDs get a lot of mentions in music and media, but the reality is women in the UK tend to have much larger boobs than a DD and our customers are often surprised in the changing room as they discover their bra size is more like a 32GG than a 36DD. It’s important not to be afraid of the alphabet nor get too hung up on your boobs changing size and shape. Boobs go on such a journey from puberty to menopause and afterwards. Inflating and deflating (overnight even) and ever evolving. At different stages, they will require different things and that’s why it is so important to have a bra fitting a couple of times a year. If you’re wearing a well fitting, beautiful bra you will always feel more comfortable and confident knowing your boobs are looking splendid.Regularly customers come into our underwear shop in King's Cross with the wires on their bra poking into their boobs, or the back of the bra riding up towards their shoulders. Lots of times, particularly post lockdown, or post breast feeding, they will be wearing a (once stretchy) crop top that has 0 support and that's not even comfortable anymore! The elastic has frayed and it's sad. For larger bra cup sizes, we find it’s usually more comfortable to wear a bra with some lightweight support rather than without! Over lockdown, lifestyles and bodies have changed a bit and you might have gone up a size or 2. Take some time to review the bras that you are wearing day to day and see how well they are fitting you.Where the wires meet at the front, are they sitting flat to your breastbone? At the side, is all of your boob in front of the wire? Is the under band lying straight across your back, or riding up? If the answer is a no, then it's time for a bra fitting and an underwear upgrade and refresh!

The cups on your bra might be looking baggy if you have lost weight on your breasts and they might feel like they are sitting lower on your chest. Women will say that they feel empty at the top. At Beija we pride ourselves on the beautiful fabrics we use in our collection and choosing stretchy lightweight meshes and tricots helps to smooth out your bra cup. Your boobs may not even have changed size. The capacity might be the same, but they might just have changed texture and shape, and need a different style of bra maybe with high apex instead of a balcony bra which will fit you better.We'd love you to book in for an online bra fitting with us via Zoom from the comfort of your own home, or an in person bra fitting at our lingerie store in Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross. Treat it as part of your breast health routine and learn something new about yourself! We welcome you to use our bra fit finder as well, where you can double check your size yourself - no tape measure required. At Beija we aim to deliver you a really important women's service in a modern way that is useful and easy. No fuss. 

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