polaroid of beija london models wearing non-wired bralette and underwired bras

Bra Sizing 101

At Beija we believe it is vital to have knowledge about your bra size. Similarly to an eye test, a bra fitting is integral and an important part of your health, well being, and body maintenance. There are different ways of learning your bra size, and we really believe that if you can reach out to a professional bra fitter, you should really take advantage of their expertise! Bra fitting is a specialist profession and the experience that bra fitters have is really astounding. At Beija, we endeavour to make the bra fitting appointment a really interesting and enjoyable experience that can be a really healing if you have body hangups. 

Bra sizes are complicated and ‘how to measure your bra size’ is a question we are frequently asked. We don’t believe in the tape measure approach and at Beija we believe in person is best. Everyone is so unique, in terms of their shape and bra style preferences. That's why we believe in conversations with our customers. Try our online bra fitting service today or follow the “bra fitting near me” link to see if you are close to our flagship store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross. Let's talk about boobs, try on a couple of sizes and styles to find the best Beija London bra for you.


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