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What Do We Need And Want From Our Bra?

Let’s be honest, the larger the cup size, the more difficult it is to find a well-fitting and stylish bra. Although much progress has been made within the lingerie industry, if you're above a DD cup, your options are drastically reduced compared to your 34B friend! It seems wild to me that anything above a DD is classified as ‘bras for bigger busts’, when the VAST majority of people I have fitted have been within this size range. As bras become increasingly difficult to design and produce as the cup size increases, most brands just don’t even bother to accommodate this size. This lack of normalised and mainstream production of DD+ bras, has perpetuated the misconception that anything this size and beyond is a ‘large bra’ or a ‘fuller bust bra’, when in reality, it’s a bra that is needed for a significant portion of the bra wearing public!

The absence of DD+ bras from the market has resulted in these bras being feared and dreaded as intense contraptions that will suffocate you with lots of fabric, and constrict you with their support. Don’t get me wrong, there are DD+ bras out there that have, unfortunately, cemented this fear. But, this does not need to be the case, and we are starting to see brands realise and accept this. The styling has gotten markedly better in the last few years. Now, brands like Beija, have taken the next step further- consciously designing with ‘bigger busts’ in mind whilst remaining true to their stylistic vision. So, even if you are after ‘bras for big boobs’, you’re not going to have to settle for that awful granny bra. Style should not be compromised for fit and support!

It is important to still maintain the foundation of a well-fitting bra as the goal, no matter what your size. However, generally speaking, the larger and heavier the boobs, the more crucial support becomes. When sufficient support is absent, discomfort and pain can thrive. Whether it's your shoulders, neck, or back, a band that isn’t firm enough can cause great problems throughout your body. So, this is why a firm (yet comfortable) band is crucial when it comes to fitting bras for bigger busts. It is also very important to have the correct wire placement. As we are dealing with a firmer band, we want to make sure the wire under your arm is sitting far enough back so that it is entirely clear of your breast tissue. If there is firmness in the band, but the wires are incorrect, this can lead to annoyance, discomfort, and even pain in this area. That is why the wires must be sufficiently deep so that they are resting against rib and not boob! With the ideal band and wire placement, you will automatically alleviate the two main sources of bra discomfort. Bras for larger cup sizes should also be properly structured within the cup. Without this structure, shape, lift, and support will be impacted. We need quality over quantity when it comes to the cups, that is, with the correct fabric choices, cut, and structure, there is no need for excessive coverage. 

As touched upon previously, there is a tendency for bras in larger cup sizes to feel overwhelming. They come up super high, with big straps, and thick cups. However, this does not have to be the case. Ok yes, we want to make sure we have a supportive band and correctly fitting cups, but that doesn’t mean we have to forsake style. Smart design choices can still allow for thinner straps, softer cups in delicate fabric, and support without intense coverage. Beija bras are an example of how this can be achieved. Now featuring designs up to an H cup, Beija bras are perfect for bigger bust sizes. For those of us who are within that DD+ bras size range (which is most of us), there is no reason why we should have to compromise and settle for less any longer!


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