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Bravissimo vs Beija London? Who's the winner?

Bravissimo vs Beija London? Who's the winner?

We often fit women in our store who wear Bravissimo bras and Bravissimo sports bras. Many of them have had a Bravissimo bra fitting in the past. Bravissimo bras are beautifully constructed, in eye-catching colours and are a great price point particularly the popular Alana style which is reported as being a firm favourite! 

The Beija customer looking for a bra fitting in London, beyond a Bravissimo bra fitting, will be happy to hear that we do bra fittings in store at our lingerie shop in King’s Cross, London. At Beija London you will be able to find a variety of shapes to suit a full bust. What’s different and special about Beija is the simplicity and sleekness of the design. Beija styles are effortlessly cool and something a bit special. 

Traditionally the DD+ bras category for bras has been overwhelmingly ‘retro’ inspired and this is something that Beija rebels against. Modernity, that is sleek and fuss free as well as being feminine is at the core of the design of Beija bras. Our Z category for cup sizes DD - H, is our biggest and fastest growing sector. Our DD, E, F, FF, G, GG and H cup customer appreciates simple styling that she can wear day to day and which isn’t padded or boosted. A minimal look that offers breast minimising constructions is key for the Beija customer in the Z bra category.


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