BTS - Beija London Photoshoot

BTS - Beija London Photoshoot

By Abbie Miranda

Beija’s photoshoots are special. At our most recent photoshoot not one of the models was an experienced professional model. They were either women from our community or friends of ours. Team Beija are incredibly privileged to see body insecurities melt away in front of our eyes as we create a healing space for women to come together. To see a woman enjoying her appearance in her underwear does incredibly positive things for the soul! 

To overhear our models and crew complimenting each other, and shining lights of support onto each other's differences is something special and unique to our product type. No other industry has the same level of intimacy and tenderness as does women’s lingerie. Women talk, and they listen and Beija benefits from these connections. Our goal is to have these positive vibrations between women reverberate across society. 

We have a platform, and therefore a great responsibility which we take seriously. Beija is here to heal the damage done by the over sexualisation of the intimates sector. Who remembers the Eva Herzigova ‘Hello Boys’ campaign? Looking back, we wonder what was the real impact of that on women’s, particularly young women's well being? We have work to do, Beija London accepts the challenge -join our mission! At the moment we are crowdfunding to grow our brand and get our message out in the world. For more information click the link below.

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