Christmas Lingerie Gift Guide For Guys

Christmas Lingerie Gift Guide For Guys

By Abbie Miranda

Stuck for ideas of what to buy for the wife this year? We’d like to introduce you to Pete. He will give you guys some advice about buying the perfect, luxurious Christmas present for your partner this year. 

Hey Pete. Tell us about buying Beija lingerie for your girlfriend last Christmas and what happened?

'Well. She agreed to marry me. So I can vouch for putting some Beija London lingerie under the Christmas tree! My wife introduced me to the brand a couple of years ago when we were in London on a trip. She bought some bras from their underwear store in King’s Cross and follows them on Instagram. I bought her a set last Christmas, she was made up and as it’s our first Christmas as a married couple this year I want to make it special and just give her what she wants! I know she loves Beija, she’s really passionate about lingerie and it’s a romantic gift to buy for your partner. I think it’s important that the lingerie you choose for your partner should be something really comfortable as well as a bit sexy. Gifts that slam are the ones that the receiver uses daily which is guaranteed with Beija. She wears Beija bras every day.

So what bra and knicker size to buy for her? Check the label on the bra she wears regularly. Not the one in her drawer you’ve never seen her in. Literally the one in the washing basket. If she’s already a customer at Beija you can ring customer service or go into their shop in Coal Drops Yard and find out the size she bought last time. The best gift for your wife in my opinion is Beija London underwear. It’s a luxurious gift for her, that is thoughtful and considered. Trust me. And the sales assistants are nice and helpful too and will assist you with choosing the right Christmas gift for your partner this year.'

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