Colourful Bras For AA-H Cups

Colourful Bras For AA-H Cups

By Abbie Miranda

Lingerie is an area of your wardrobe when you can really experiment with colour and make bold choices. The fact that it is only for you, that only the wearer knows what’s going on beneath your clothes means you can be super experimental! You can pop your work gear on over some colourful Beija underwear and feel fabulous. Comfortable and colourful bras compliment your wardrobe. Brightly coloured underwear, rich jewel colours and fun pastel shades give a burst of joy when you get dressed in the morning.

At Beija our tendency is towards bright colours in simple shapes. Black bras remain our best selling colour. Fashion colours including bras in an emerald green did incredibly well, followed by an orchid purple colour - sell out shades with broad appeal that flatter across a variation in skin tones. Red underwear has a bad rep, but if the red is the right shade of red i.e. with a touch of orange, then you’re laughing! Our Forecast red bra is an incredibly flattering colour and is summery and Christmassy at the same time. Colours with a base note of orange look great on everyone. 

Bright pink lingerie gives you a Barbie flex which is empowering and ironic. By keeping the shape simple and modern, fuschia pink bras are totally practical. Beija’s pale blue bras in the Caught Up collection are non padded and do a similar job to your classic whites, just with added interest.

Tan coloured bras, from dark to light don’t have to be ugly. Sometimes you just need a bra that blends with your skin tone. By choosing a lightweight fabric, in a non padded shape over a moulded bra, you up your ‘everyday nude bra’ into something more chic and luxurious. 

Mustard yellow coloured, lacy lingerie is great for a golden Autumnal glow. Beija’s Al Fresco range in mustard is classy and cool. The vibrancy is warm and it looks great under a black vest top!Spicing up your collection of bras means having variations in colours and shapes that make you feel good, and makes your outerwear look neater. It isn’t typical, but it pays to be experimental sometimes and waiver outside of traditional black, white and 'nude' bras territory in your underwear drawer.

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