Considerations for Bigger Busted Women When Purchasing a Bra

Considerations for Bigger Busts When Buying a Bra

Buying bras for bigger bust can be daunting, that's why we make it so easy at Beija. Our Z category is specifically designed for DD-H cup meaning you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Comfort is key.

Having a comfortable and supportive bra is important for ladies with a bigger bust. Back pain can be a real thing! That's why Beija Z bras are specially designed to ensure you get the most support you need. Our designer Abbie carefully constructs each bra with your comfort and support as a priority. Some of our bras, like the Icon, have a J-hook, using this is going to give you a nice extra lift while creating a racer-back and shifting the support. Our Tracks, Zephyr and Forecast all have this too.

We want to be supported, but also want to look cute and sexy!

Bored of frumpy and dull DD+ bras? Us too! Our Z bras are lightweight and unpadded, while still making you look and feel amazing - take our core Waves bra. The gorgeous lace creates a straight up classic, sexy and supportive bra. Another favourite is the Forecast, which comes in a very stylish red. A team Beija favourite! Whether you’re after a simple black or white, or some nice bold colours, our Beija Z size has a big boobs bra for you!

How’s this bra going to shape me under my clothes?

As a bigger busted woman, I know you don't want all that faff and frump under your clothes. Having a full large bra keeping it all in means we nail that elegant silhouette. Our Zephyr and Stand Out bras are perfect for this! The Zephyr is made from the softest and smoothest material which ever so slightly pushes your busty boobs in and keeps them there. The Stand Out is a full coverage bra that's lightweight and sexy. It comes up a little higher making sure no boobie bits fall out throughout the day! We’ve considered everything for a bigger busted woman, why not book in for an online fitting to find that perfect fit and style for you?


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