Cubitt Sessions 2021

Cubitt Sessions 2021

By Abbie Miranda

The Beija London underwear store in Coal Drops have welcomed Cubitt Sessions this summer, directly outside our door. So close, we are almost like performers. The set up and the tuning up has been overwhelming at times though we are continually grateful to Coal Drops for their commitment to making the destination a cultural space that welcomes creativity. 

Between the 11th and 22nd of August the Cubitt Sessions stage will feature classical, world music, jazz, street culture, opera and family friendly shows. The hosts put out rows and rows of deck chairs which fill up quickly with visitors. The music is loud and the mood is really lovely, with lots of Aperols being sipped! We have been longing to join in the fun and kick back and relax in the sunshine. But instead we have our doors flung open so we can enjoy the music whilst serving our lovely customers. 

Our favourite session so far has been the Ladies Of Midnight Blue, an Afro-Latin percussion and brass duet who were an absolute vibe. A goddess behind the decks always appeals to us and paired with percussion - it was just cool and different and felt modern. Next best was the 12 Ensemble, a pioneering un-conducted string ensemble that performed beautifully on Saturday afternoon. Not classical, not avant garde, just beautifully light and interesting - never thought classical music would be my jam, however maybe it is at 35? Forever open minded.

Cubitt Sessions is a really great event near to Kings Cross. It’s different to your usual concert in the park as all the amenities you could ever need are right there! Cold drinks, delicious bites and lots of public loos make for a very luxurious afternoon! Bring a date, or your parents, or anyone - it’s different to your average meetup. 

Whilst you are visiting Coal Drops Yard and dipping in for a session, why not pop in for a bra fitting at Beija? You can book an appointment here. A bra fitting at Beija usually takes around 20 - 40 mins. There is absolutely no rush whatsoever, and we will help you to keep your cool as you try on our collection and discover all the styles that suit you and your needs :)

If you have already been to our store and enjoyed the experience, we’d love for you to take the time to write us a Google business review here. It really helps, a lot!

Lead photo by Anna Miller.


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