Design in London, the New Heritage.

Design In London, The New Heritage.

People know the importance of where they spend their pound and the value it has for independent brands like Beija London. Post lockdown in London, communities are more reliant on and more loyal to their local independent shops. Small brands and retailers can shapeshift in a nimble way to reflect the zeitgeist and can rely on their creativity in times of crisis. It is imperative that they are supported and it is for this reason that Coal Drops Yard is such an important shopping destination especially to the surrounding areas of Camden and Islington. The brands at Coal Drops Yard have been curated to appeal to the consumer that is looking for something dissimilar to the norm. This is where creativity lies and where retail culture follows. 

There are so many independent and innovative brands, mixed in with some of the bigger retail players including COS and Paul Smith at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross. Smaller brands including Beija London, Botanical Boys, Lost Property of London, Tracey Neuls and Blackhorse Lane ateliers are all representing an ethos that is growing in resonance post lockdown and the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. These brands are creating a heritage and demonstrating loyalty to a slower and more compassionate supply chain that is more sustainable than the common model. 

Coal Drops Yard supports the tactics of these independent stores that it gives a home to. Instore and online events are a big part of their initiative in engaging customers and achieving loyalty from their customer base. Many of the independents have rolled out digital brand touch points including Beija London’s online bra fitting service and many are hosting Covid safe events including The Botanical Boys terrarium masterclasses and Beija London's in store bra fitting appointments.The brands at CDY are totally invested in the destination of King’s Cross as a whole, as East London becomes stagnated and full to the rafters, its key that London expands and makes room for creative ideas. People have been longing for an innovative retail concept, and CDY delivers. The fact that it is situated beside Central Saint Martins adds to the sense of creativity that abounds in Kings Cross!


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