Designing Tryst

The Perfect Black Lacy Bra

By Abbie Miranda

The perfect black lace bra does exist, and it’s the newest addition to the Beija London collection of modern, lightweight but supportive bras. Meet Tryst. Designed at the behest of our forthcoming, delightful customers who requested something of a similar ilk to our Forecast range. Tryst is a beautiful range featuring a gorgeous stretch lace with a linear, floral design and an interesting straight edge. The black lace fabric is dead stock and there was just enough to do a small production run, a limited edition you could call it! We developed the design based on Forecast and Al Fresco bra patterns and the Tryst shapes are slight and finer. It is a delicate range and fits the brief if you’re looking for THE perfect black lace bra up to a G cup. It’s great to be able to use up available fabric, and it’s so great when that fabric and the design sit so perfectly together. You can’t go wrong with a luxurious black lacy bra and pair of knickers. It’s classy, it’s classic and there’s no escaping, it is sexy. At Beija we are passionate about honouring ageless lingerie design that fundamentally makes you feel amazing and fits well. Our cut and sew bras aren’t heat moulded or glued, they are made using traditional methods of layered pattern pieces stitched together by skilled machinists. Tryst is really true to that classical lingerie mood, just with Beija’s take on modern femininity.

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