left to right: one wireless white lace bralette, two underwired white lace bras all worn by Beija London models

Different Types Of Bras.

The spectrum of bras available and their different uses is vast. More than any other item of clothing, apart from maybe shoes, the variety of solutions for different purposes is huge. The requirements of different women, and their outerwear is diverse. For occasion wear, the consumer may require one or more of the following: strapless bras, backless bras, push up bras, front fastening bras, clear strap bras - even invisible bras! Lingerie brands try hard to meet the requirements of the market, and some of the product on the market is incredibly clever and technical in order to achieve its desired purpose. For occasion wear, the Beija customer will find a collection of bras that she will feel proud to have peeking out from under her backless summer dress, or her ‘mother of the bride’ shift dress. We believe there is no shame in showing a little bit of a beautiful bra, and a flash of a contrasting or complimenting colour can bring the finishing touch to an outfit! We recommend a Tracks Citron bra under a red dress, a Forecast Jade bra to compliment a pink tone garment or a Tracks blue to wear with a terracotta coloured top.

The bralette, non wired bra is a winner for women with small cups sizes. With a low cut top, the X bra Beija customer will find a variety of non padded, non wired styles that look incredible beneath it. The Stand Out X bra is a fabulous option as the leopard lace is a perfect combination of bold and modern. Our popular non wired soft cup bralette, the Stripes X wireless bra is another great style for showcasing under a low cut top.

Some say a backless dress requires a backless bra. We disagree especially as traditionally this excludes our big bust customer. If you are wearing a nice bra, where’s the shame if someone sees it? Our racer back styles including Zephyr and Forecast are great options to wear beneath a backless or racer back, or halter neck dress. Again, choose a colour that is bold and adds interest, rather than trying to blend in with or disappear beneath the outfit.

A longline bra has a retro mood that isn’t reflective of the Beija aesthetic. Longline bras offer a good level of support for fuller busted women as the deep around body construction can counterbalance a heavy cup. This can feel really comfortable depending on your shape. Contrastingly, they can feel quite constrictive around your rib cage.

Push up bras are still a thing and always will be for some portions of the market. Women that want to create more balance to their figure will always be drawn to push up bras which is totally fair! At Beija our collection doesn’t have any push up styles as it isn’t something our consumer base looks to us for. We are known for fabulously fitting non padded bras, particularly non padded bras in bigger cup sizes. 

Cool sports bras are on our radar and something that Beija would like to develop. Wired sports bras for larger cups are catered to at Bravissimo. Nike and Lululemon sports bras are great and take years in development to perform well. A Beija sports bra will come in time and will support the active lifestyle of our customer. 

T Shirt bras are classically super smooth and disappear under your clothes. They disguise nipples and are known to be ‘workplace appropriate.’ At Beija we aren’t ashamed of nipples and are trying to change the sexualised perception of them. If nipples make you uncomfortable, we urge you to ‘do it anyway’ and wear a Beija non padded bra, either the high apex Stripes bras or Waves balcony bra styles to get you started :)

Feel free to browse our different bra types at Beija. 


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