Ditch the Rag | Mother's Day

Ditch The Rag | Mother's Day

Woman on a mission to combat period poverty, through the provision of sustainable eco friendly menstrual products.
What's your best selling piece and why? 
The RubyCup. We've seen an amazing uptake in reusables recently, women are often apprehensive at first (the menstrual cup can look quite daunting a bit toilet plunger like) but when the benefits are explained its a no brainer to invest. The menstrual cup is essentially a reusable tampon, without the harmful chemicals, plastic, cost or waste. One menstrual cup if cared for properly can last a woman 10 years. With the mass hysteria going on and people stock piling supplies in supermarkets having a menstrual cup will save you from the stress of going without. The menstrual cup is better for you biologically, there is no bleaching, it is non abrasive, reducing the risk of toxic shock syndrome, it saves you a wonderful amount of money and it produces minimal waste. 
Why customers love your brand/products?
Customers love Ditch The Rag as we make sales on a buy one give one basis, for every purchase made a menstrual cup or reuseable pad is donated to a girl in need that is vulnerable to the negative affects of period poverty. Period poverty is universal, 1/10 girls in the U.K still goes without regular access to period products. This not only has an affect on their self esteem but impacts their health and later life opportunities. 
The products we sell and distribute to girls on free school meals are of the highest quality and are ethically and sustainably sourced and produced. We pride ourselves on ensuring that girls and women alike have access to high quality, sustainable and ethical period products that reduce the stress associated with a period. A period is a beautiful biological process that is the source of life and should be celebrated rather than dreaded each month! 
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