#DoNotFeedTheFear at 11 Calvert Avenue

#DoNotFeedTheFear at 11 Calvert Avenue

‘Do not feed the fears’ was the theme of the evening at our #girlboss celebration in the Beija Flor Clavert Avenue store on the 26th of July. Lots learnt and lots of Prosecco drank that's for sure! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are so happy to have had all these fabulous women in the shop. Karen Collins from Happy Tummy, Zoe Lind van’t Hof from Boobs Essential, Pip Black from Move your Frame and Rebecca Moyster from BonBon Balloons. Our host for the night was Laura Woods. All 5 women were totally inspiring and the audience was captivated, pencils flying across their notebooks with tips about how to make it happen and how to stay sane whilst doing so. The panel was engaging because it was a broad spectrum of people with quite differing goals and agendas, but their advise was totally relevant and heartfelt because of their passion for their products - definitely modern women, comfortable with real talk and open minds! We all left boosted and full of girl power, high fives all round. 

Head over to BonBon for the most fabulous and creative balloons you’ve ever seen! https://bonbonballoons.com

Go to Frame and get yourself some endorphins. https://moveyourframe.com

Check out Boobs Essential and feel yourself up, its damn important! www.boobsessential.com

Take a look at Happy Tummy and cure the bloat. Feeling bloated ain’t sexy! www.youtube.com/channel/UC3sHG8JURPesODc0QeCZdgw



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