Finished breastfeeding?

Finished Breastfeeding?

Whether you did it or not, our boobs post breastfeeding AND our boobs post pregnancy are usually a bit different than before. The very nature of boobs change their purpose throughout our lives and most particularly after pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. Pregnancy boobs can be glorious uncharted territory if you've had a flat chest before! All the stretching and deflating, the sore nipples can be such a rough ride for many women who are left with a new size and shape and texture to their breasts post birth and breastfeeding! And a definite new awareness and appreciation for them. Beija is here to support you when you are ready and comfortable to start bra shopping for your glorious post baby and post breastfeeding body. 

Feel free to learn more about how to size a bra or even book an online fitting from the comfort of your own home! It takes 20 minutes, no tape measure and no need to be braless. And absolutely do not feel embarrassed if you happen to be wearing an old maternity bra still, you are not alone and you deserve to feel proud of your bod warrior woman!


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