Founder Interview - International Women's Day Edition

Founder Interview - International Women's Day

Beija is a space for women to come together, across generations and social landscapes. Sisters Mazie and Abbie open up the discussion to support one another throughout every stage..


Where do you see Beija in the next 5 years?

A: The Glossier of lingerie with constant queues round the block for our stores. Online fittings happening in all languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What challenges have you faced as women, throughout your careers?

M: I'm aware I've had an incredibly positive experience as a woman in my career. Not many males I have encountered have been too horrific fortunately. My friends tell me stories all the time though, it's still pretty bad out there. Abbie and I have been fundraising and it has been a challenge selling the brand to males that can't understand the strife of an uncomfortable bra or feeling excluded from an entire industry.

What responsibilities do you feel as a lingerie brand in 2021?

A: Our customer base ranges so wide in terms of age and size and we're so proud of that. Our community has an amazing spirit, strong opinions and deep feelings. They love communicating to us and we love it too. It's hard pleasing everyone, we do our best. Our responsibility is to not take ourselves too seriously, entertain our audience, be welcoming and never intimidating.

Lingerie being a sensitive product, do you feel you have to be careful with what you say/do at all times?

M: Yes definitely. We're all so unique, one woman's idea of heaven in a bra is another's hell. We have AA customers and H cup customers who we try to talk to at the same time. Their hang ups and lingerie pain points are often at opposite ends.

How do you plan to keep your customers safe in a post pandemic world?

A: We are so excited to welcome back women into our store in King's Cross. Of course covid safety precautions will be in place. Our priority is that each woman that enter's our store feels welcomed in and excited. We're all a bit more sensitive on the other side of the pandemic. We're here to cheer women up, boost them and make them feel amazing about themselves. It's our duty.

Do you feel we've come a long way as women and do you think we've got a long way to go?

M: I have such a long way to go. I'm excited by the developments I'm making but I still get stumped as to why I loose my voice in meetings, or lack creativity some days. I'm working on it and trying not to be hard on myself. It's all about mood isn't it, and our cycle plays a big part in that. I know I need to get in tune with it, I know it will help. It's on the to do list to listen to my hormones. I let them get the better of me.

What is your hopes for women's outlook on lingerie in the future?

A: A reason Beija exists is so our daughters can enjoy the lingerie experience in a healthy way. We didn't have that growing up. It felt intimidating, oversexed, thin and polished. We just want all women to love and enjoy their bodies, feel good in their underwear and feel more than enough.

Have you had children yourselves? What are the changes a women's body goes through and are you able to support new mum's adapting to their changing journey?

M: Yep, I've got one baby. She's 2.5 now. I'm not mean about my body in the mirror anymore. It's magic. The only thing I'd say is give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself, be grateful for what it gives you, nourish it with as many green things as you can when you can - can't go wrong.

Do you think as women, you have a greater advantage being leaders in the lingerie industry?

A: I think so yes, we're able to serve the needs of women most effectively. That being said, a diversity of opinion is always welcome at Beija. In fact it's really helpful sometimes, we proudly have 1 male in our team of 7. His outlook is refreshingly naive as he doesn't have breasts, hips and all the things. He asks the most interesting questions and it helps us see the blind spots.

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