Get To Know The Team : Abbie Miranda

Get To Know The Team: Abbie Miranda

What's your role at Beija?

Head of design and co-founder with my sissy Mazie.

What do you love about lingerie?

Good fitting underwear just makes you feel happier and more content in the body that you have now.

Have you cooked any good recipes lately? What’s your go to dish?

I have done some serious training mastering my lockdown Margarita method. Tajin for the rim is the trick, I heard it on Jessie Ware's Table Manners Podcast and am never looking back. Also nailed my recipe for a paneer roll as I was missing my solo lunches at Dishoom in King’s Cross so desperately. What a saddo.

What's been your favourite project to work on at Beija?

Love a bit of moodboarding and research at the beginning of projects. It’s all too online for me at the moment which kind of feels a bit spirally. Excited to get back watching what’s going down IRL. And then of course designing new shapes, scary but in a good brain training way. And I’m well into the SEO stuff we’re working on at the moment. It just kind of makes sense to me and for a creative person, I’m really enjoying the boundaries of it’s method!

What is something you do everyday for yourself?

Night time skin care routine, however drunk and tired I am, I’m still applying!

Are you reading any good books at the moment?

So many! My latest recs are Natives by Akala. Girl, woman, other by Bernardine Evaristo and Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez.

Which Beija set is your favourite?

Zephyr Green. It’s a great shape on me and the pants are so comfortable. The fabric is insanely good quality and holds it’s dense colour really well. Love it!

What tv shows did you binge during lockdown?

Dirty John on Netflix. The Tiger King feels like a lifetime ago but I was bang into that for a few nights!

How do you get ready to start your day?

Shower and shout at my kids.

Fave beauty product?

My Embryolisse face moisturiser and Sunscreen by Le Roche Posay. I’m 34, this is my life now.

Listened to any good Podcasts recently?

Always excited for new episodes of Code Switch I find the presenters really clever and motivating. Adam Buxton’s Ramble Chats archive is jokes. I also love Romesh Ranganathan’s Hip Hop Saved My Life.

Favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My Coco Fennell sun and moon dress. Good times had in that one! As I don’t go anywhere at the moment (I’m in quarantine) my favourite everyday outfit is some Baserange Tracksuit bottoms and a red Fiorucci T-Shirt, socks with my havaianas and jewellery. Without some rings on my fingers it’s basically pyjamas. How did this happen??

Favourite jewellery piece?

So many! I’m really sentimental when it comes to jewellery and wear strange talismans for vibes. My most recent purchase is a Sacred Stones necklace from Studio Rua, some perfect gold hoops from Aurum LDN and I love vintage Mexican jewellery too. Things that are a bit strange and that enhance my mood are what I’m drawn to.

    What’s been your latest purchase? Could be anything!

    A top by Nanushka from the GoodHood sale, a pareo from Gimaguas and some enormous, blindingly hideous pink sparkly light up trainers for my kid from Roman Road Market.

    Bedtime routine.

    Hot bath then Nivea moisturiser for the old bod. Literally nothing better and I can share it with the whole fam which reduces clutter. Face Wash with Khiels, a light wipe over with some Garnier cleanser then one of 3 products depending what my face is saying. The Ordinary Vitamin C, my Retinol Serum by Sunday Riley or Peter Thomas Roth Rose face mask that I’ll sleep in overnight. I’ve got loads of brown stains on my skin from my pregnancies which some days I love as they are proud battle scars, other days I’m like ‘ffs you still here?’ Some Neals Yard ‘Womens Balance’ oil on my pulse points and I’m good. LIVING IT LARGE tucked up with my Kindle :|

    Dream holiday destination.

    Brazzy always and forever.

    Favourite music.

    Varied, schizophrenic. But no word of a lie, Old School Garage got me through Lockdown London 2020. It felt like going into an apocalypse, walking through Shoreditch and down to King’s Cross everyday. With my earphones in, reminiscing of a carefree and careless youth really helped me. Crazy times eh? Miriam Makeba in the morning. London Posse for cleaning the house. Raça Negra in the garden. Jennifer Lara and Soul to Soul for shop shifts. Lila Ike is literally the only ‘current’ artist I’m tuned into, and she’s medium obscure.

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