Goodbye Summer, You Were Weird

Goodbye Summer, You Were Weird

By Abbie Miranda

It has been a long time since Beija has hosted an in store event for our delightful customers, and boy have we missed it! With summer coming to an end, we took the opportunity to celebrate and look forward to snuggling down for autumn. Our goal is always to have our customers recommend our brand to their friends and family, so we asked our attendees to bring a mate along! And, they absolutely did. We had the most incredible turn out and got to meet so many new charming women who are now total advocates for Beija.Bottles of prosecco were popped, intimate chat was shared AND we managed to do 30 bra fittings on the night. Changing room curtains were flung open as Beija created a beautiful space for women to admire one another and delight in their new Beija bras. The Beija team absolutely loves meeting our customers in real life. We love to hear you talk about how Beija has improved your perception of your body, advice that has helped and tips about how to share that important message with more women. We say it a lot, but women really do talk a lot, and if the message is empowering it can be incredibly healing and motivating and Beija is just so lucky to be orbiting that dialogue.On the night we gave everyone a chance to design a new Beija bra, and thus take the opportunity to create the new bestseller that outdoes Waves! What do you think?We have plenty of bra fitting appointments available either online or in store and we have 2 new bra fitters that we are really excited for you to meet! Treat your bra fitting like you would an eye test. Check in with your body, do a recce of the bras you are wearing regularly and come over to Beija London and have yourself a bra fitting. We are only in King’s Cross, so are very accessible. And if you can’t get down to the store, book your appointment for an online bra fitting here.


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