How to do Mother’s Day right, according to Beija

How to do Mother’s Day right, according to Beija

By Naomi Attwood

If you’re wondering how to treat your Mum, what to buy Mum for Mother's day – then look no further.  

It’s true, Mother’s Day isn’t for everyone. For those who’ve lost their mum, have a strained relationship with theirs, are struggling to conceive or suffered baby loss, it might feel like a day to avoid. But if you do celebrate it, don’t feel bad about looking forward to a Mother's Day treat! Mothers as a category are overworked and rarely thanked. What’s more – if you need to drop a few hints or expectations about how you’d really like to spend the day – DO IT! If you need a new mum bra or have finished breast-feeding and need a new bra, then look no further than a Beija beaut.Black non pad braWe spoke to Beija's founder sisters Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher about their top Mother’s Day tips, and had them answer a Q&A about where they are at with Motherhood today;

-   Although breakfast in bed sounds nice, why not take us to a lovely café where we don’t have to clear up afterwards . . .

-   Homemade cards are the best! And some beautiful and comfortable Beija lingerie is the perfect accompaniment to make us feel like humans again.

-   Florist flowers are nicer than petrol station ones, or even a cute plant that’ll last a bit longer (until we kill it by over or under watering).

-   You don’t have to spend a lot of cash. 1-2 hours child-free to enjoy a peaceful bath and spot of reading (or nap) are much appreciated.Navy non pad bra - How do you teach your kids to have a good body image?

Abbie: Just by being really positive about my own body and the changes it's going through. Sometimes it's a total act, especially when Marcel says something like 'you've got a beard'. And I have to dig deep and respond with something like 'aren't women just incredible that we can grow this hair to protect our faces'. Crying inside.

Have your children expressed a preference for what they would like to do when they grow up?

Mazie: No not yet, but Bonnie's touching in with her femininity which is such a pleasure to watch. Up until now, she's always rolled with a gang of boys and has enjoyed the rough and tumble. But very recently she's discovered princess dresses and I'm enjoying seeing her express this side to her character. To be honest, I'm just pleased the Paw Patrol phase seems to have passed.

Do your kids know about Beija? What do they say Mummy does for a living?

Abbie: Absolutely, they know! They have been there beside me the whole time, rolling along for photoshoots, research trips, office moves and the entire hustle. All in. What I love is if we pass a cool woman in the street, Marcel will say 'look look she's a Beija babe'.

What changes have you guys seen the industry go through and how do you hope Beija will further evolve things/be part of the change?

Mazie: We talk all the time about how much better the landscape is in regards to representation. Of course there is a long way to go. But goodness, when I think back to what it was like even 10 years ago when I was at a really impressionable age - we've made vast improvements. I hope Beija is a part of that story as we take the responsibility of the platform that we have really seriously. 

How are you raising the new generation compared to your own upbringings when it comes to things like gender and body image?

Abbie: Our Mum is pretty avant-garde and modern in terms of her style and how she allowed us to dress and be. No shame or judgement or anything like that. The outfits she used to make for me to go raving in (at my behest) were absolutely obscene! I felt very liberated and had a strong sense that people are too busy obsessing over their own body image to be critiquing my body. I know I am lucky that my parents, and environment as a teenager instilled this in me and I will do the same for my children. Similarly they are free to experiment, be expressive and I never question their self styling. I just try not to let them catch me laughing at the look they've pulled together.

My focus at the moment is teaching them about consent and what that means, what it sounds like, how it looks. Sometimes it does feel a bit like I'm policing their play but I feel it's sinking in.

For a fail safe option to treat your Mum and yourself with some luxurious Mother's Day underwear, go for Beija's non padded, lightweight, soft cup Stripes range that is very forgiving and flattering on breasts that are super soft or where one boob is bigger than the other. For post breastfeeding boobs or menopausal boobs, a bra like Stripes that is soft, stretchy and cool to the touch, when you're overheating is an absolute game changer!Beija Stripes rangeHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ONE + ALL! 

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