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How To Figure Out Your Bra Size

There are lots of ways how to measure your bra size. Some more successful than others. It can be an unnecessarily complicated process that might involve tape measures and even maths! Knowing your correct bra size is integral to your health and wellbeing. That’s why we recommend learning how to measure for a bra, how to use a bra size calculator or where to find a bra fitting near you. Beija’s online bra fittings that are done via secure video link are safe, enjoyable and we believe, a perfect way to learn your bra size quickly and easily.

Online bra fitting 

Done via a video call with a Beija London bra fitter. You will be wearing a bra during the conversation and the bra fitter will check a series of points on the bra and how it is fitting your shape. She will ask you questions about how it feels, what you want and what you should look out for to understand how a bra should fit correctly. It’s a great way to spend 20 mins and the bra fitter will run through a couple of Beija bra styles that would suit you, and also advise your size. 

Tape measure method.

Run the tape measure around your chest, under the bust. Note the figure and round it to the nearest whole number. If the number is even then add 4 inches, if it is odd add 5. This is your bra size underband measurement, eg 30, 32. Then measure around the fullest part of your chest, round it to the nearest whole number. Subtract the 1st number from the 2nd, and note the difference. Refer to a bra size chart that will advise the cup size, relevant to this figure. Best of luck.

Bra Size Calculator

This is a very popular method for lingerie brands across the world. It is basically a personality test where the program takes you on a route through a series of questions to discover your bra size. You will need to have a vague idea of your correct bra size as the questionnaire will begin by asking how the fit of that particular size fits. It’s a simple check that is good to run through prior to purchasing as it’s easy and will make you feel more confident when purchasing.

Phone customer service

Speak to a trained professional who will be able to make simple recommendations on bra fitting if you can describe any issues with the current bra size that you are wearing. This is a long standing service from lots of lingerie brands and can work well depending on the experience of the bra fitting specialist.

London bra fitting service

A varied experience. Can be incredibly awkward and sometimes even humiliating. There are many stories that refer to hellish bra fitting experiences where we’ve been manhandled by an overly forward bra fitter baring a measuring tape! Still, this can be an incredibly healing and important experience in a woman's life when done well. Beija relishes in the interactions we have with our customers in the bra fitting changing room at our store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross as they are intimate, informative and fun. It’s a privilege to help a woman find the perfect fit and see how happy she is in a perfectly fitting Beija bra! 


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