How to Shop for a Bra during Lockdown

How To Shop For A Bra During Lockdown

Shopping for a bra has become a little more challenging throughout the lockdown period. A lot of us no longer have the advantage of going in store for a bra fitting. Without the advantage of trying on different sizes and styles, the idea of buying a new bra can feel daunting and risky. However, there are still plenty of options available to help you find your perfect fit.

Online Bra Fitting

Throughout the lockdown period Beija has been offering an online bra fitting service. Conducted over zoom, our expert fitters guide you through the standard fitting process. Simply, our specialists check the fit of one of your favourite bras, explain what to look for in a well-fitting bra, suggest any adjustments that could be made to improve your comfort, and then recommend the appropriate sizes and styles to try. The whole process takes approximately 20 minutes and there is no need to be braless. Our online bra fitting service is designed to be fun, informative, and is of course free! After receiving such a positive response, Beija’s online bra fitting service is here to stay and will continue long after lockdown. 

Online Fitting Guides

Online fitting guides can be a very useful resource when trying to find your perfect fit. These tools are best for pointing you in the right direction for both sizes and styles. Some guides, like the Marks & Spencer bra fit calculator, will require you to provide an underbust and bust measurement. Others will require you to provide information (like brand and size) about a current bra you have, and will ask questions concerning the fit. With these details, a size will be recommended for you to try. Beija’s fit finder is a great way to suss your bra size. Easy to follow and without the faff of using measuring tape, the survey asks a series of relevant questions that help determine what size to try in Beija bras. 

Online Chat and Customer Service

Perfect if you’re after quick and concise advice, many retailers offer an online chat service. Brands like Bravissimo and Figleaves allow you to chat with an online representative who can help with any size, style and brand related queries. If you are needing more detailed advice but are maybe a little apprehensive about jumping on a zoom call, Beija Fit Experts can be emailed with any questions or concerns you may have.

No matter the level of advice that is needed, and whether you’re up for a video chat or prefer a good old fashioned email, just because the country is in lockdown it doesn’t mean your boobs have to be too. 


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