How to Shop for a Bra Right Now

How To Shop for A Bra Right Now

When it comes to shopping for a bra there are a few ways you can find your perfect fit and here at Beija we are happy to assist you in every way with our bra fitting services! 

The most traditional way to find your fit is to be fitted in store by a bra fitting specialist. At Beija we have a team of friendly trained fitters who will guide you through the experience. Just wear your best fitting bra and let us know any of your concerns you have with your current bra and our girls will find the right style that meets your needs. When instore you also have the experience to look and feel our perfect bras! To book an in store bra fitting book here.

If you're not local to London or only have a few minutes to spare you can also book an online bra fitting with one of our trained fitters. The online fitting will take place over Zoom and only last 20 minutes!  Our expert bra fitter will assess and check the fit of one of your bras and does not require you to be braless on camera! It’s that easy so book an online bra fitting here!

Another option to find your perfect fitting Beija bra is to try out our fit finder quiz. Developed from real measurements of thousands of women, our bras are designed to fit even the most unique shape and sizes. For the bra fitting guide you will need a rough idea of your bra size to calculate your Beija bra size. This quiz is quick and easy and in a few clicks you can find out if you are a Beija X,Y or Z girl! Try out the quiz here.]


Do our fit quiz now.

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