How to Survive Lockdown in Kings Cross

How To Survive Lockdown In Kings Cross

Are you local to King’s Cross? Coal Drop’s Yard is the perfect place for your lockdown daily walk to get in that fresh air along the Canal during the day or through the fair lit yard in the evenings. There are also many places offering takeaway services such as Coal Office Industry offering fresh produce, Hidden Japanese Curry Lab serving their traditional authentic curry or Morty & Bob’s with their comforting grilled cheese sandwiches!

Many store’s in the yard are keeping their brand’s going with the Click & Collect option. From Wolf & Badger with their accessories, menswear, womenswear to Maya Magal’s jewellery and Roseur offering interior vibes and flower arrangements - the option is there to pass by on your daily walk and collect any last minute treats, gifts or necessities. Coal Drop’s Yard has enforced additional cleaning and security measures for the safety of our residents and key workers.

Most fashion stores have an online shop where you can continue to buy and browse whenever you wish! At Beija London we offer online video fittings as we feel it’s super important to keep on top of your boobs during this time. The positive benefits of wearing a perfectly fitting bra you love are life changing and we really want to enforce the importance of getting out of bed, putting on a fresh pair of clothes and a well fitting bra. All of these little things will help you have a really productive day. 

Most of the yummy King’s Cross restaurants are currently closed during the national lockdown, but why not browse the amazing menus on their websites to get excited for when we can finally take that last bite. 

Make sure to be supporting all the local store’s in the yard by following them on instagram/socials and by writing reviews!



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