How to wash and care for your Beija bras

How to wash and care for your Beija bras

By Naomi Attwood

Look after your bras and undies the right way and they’ll look after you for longer.

Have you heard that hand washing bras is best? Are you fretting over ‘do I need to hand wash my lace bra?’ or perhaps you don’t know ‘how to hand wash my bra’? Well, Beija can help with your bra laundering quandaries. From correct handwashing temperatures; to handwashing silk underwear, exactly how to wash your bra; handwashing underwired bras; and most worryingly of all; will the washing machine break my bra? We have all the answers.Lingerie wash bagBeija (and all) bras are delicate creatures that need careful handling to keep them in good condition and prolong their lifespan. Your bra is made up of so many different components, thus it's best to be cautious when you wash it. So, every five wears or so, wash your lingerie gently by hand, at around 40 degrees using a gentle detergent or hand wash liquid. Rub into a lather around straps and under the wires before rinsing in clean water.

If you decide to put your Beija bras and knickers in the washing machine, please place them inside a lingerie washbag (essential, as untethered underwires can break the machine) and wash on the hand wash cycle at a cool temperature.Lingerie wash bagHang your bras to dry on a flat surface away from direct heat (not on the radiator!) Your bras will enjoy a long life and you’ll thank them for their service! More ideas for keeping your bras in good condition for longer, as researched by The Guardian include;

Washing your bra and undies in the shower each day (!) to lengthen their longevity, because salt in sweat can break down the elastic over time.

Avoiding detergents with synthetic enzymes or optical brighteners and choosing liquid detergents that are pH neutral and labelled for delicate fabrics.

Never throwing bras in the tumble dryer. A tip for air-drying flat is to lay on top of a towel.

Rotating your bras so you don’t wear the same one day after day. Alternate different ones from your collection each day, which will help prolong the life of the elastic – and then you can wash them together on one big wash day, rather than having to hand wash all the time.

        Once you’ve invested in well-made lingerie that fits you beautifully, as Beija pieces do, it makes sense to take good care of them so you can enjoy wearing them for longer.

        It’s sustainable, sensible and only takes a little extra effort! Buy your Beija London Lingerie Wash bag here, you will appreciate this investment in your underwear drawer!


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