Bra Fittings for LGBTQIA+ & Beyond

Bra Fittings for LGBTQIA+ & Beyond

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At Beija, we are no strangers to the unfortunate truth that many groups have historically been oppressed or marginalised, or otherwise excluded from certain activities or areas of society. Although it is now 2022 and there have been great strides in improving how various groups of people are treated, a lot of this is still recent history and there’s a lot more work to be done in society.

We were recently reminded of this when we received a touching review from a father whose daughter is a member of the trans community. This has made us consider just how many other communities may be out there that may not feel included:

This heart-warming review reminded us here at Beija of our duty to inclusivity. Although being welcoming to all types of people is a given for us, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not everyone is so tolerant. So today, we’d like to talk a bit about inclusivity here at Beija and how we go about creating an environment that is comfortable for all.



So to begin with, what exactly is inclusivity? Inclusivity means providing equal access to opportunities (and resources), specifically for those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised. 

As an intimate underwear and bra company, we know all too well that shopping for a new bra (or being fitted for one!) can be nerve-racking for anyone. For someone who feels different or is traditionally excluded, such as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people who have undergone a mastectomy or otherwise have a non-typical appearance, or perhaps even those with disabilities, mental or physical, it can be particularly anxiety-inducing. 

Creating an Inclusive Environment

At Beija, we aim to create an inclusive safe space for all, no matter who you are or what group you belong to. Our brand believes that all women deserve to feel confident and comfortable in their lingerie, and we feel strongly that looking and feeling great is not limited to women of a certain size, age or group.

There is of course a lot of variation regarding bra fitting styles and experiences. However, there is an overarching bra fitting principle that we pride ourselves upon here at Beija. Comfort is – and always will be – our number one goal. This applies both to how you feel during your bra fitting, but also how you feel in our bras.

One of these without the other is simply not enough for us – we want your bra to feel comfortable, but we also want everyone who steps into our fitting rooms to feel at ease, accepted and genuinely cared for. We understand that bra fitting can feel a bit awkward – we’ve all had those times when we’ve been made to feel bummed out about our cup size or shape.But this isn’t acceptable at Beija – a proper bra fitting should feel like a unique, informative and personalised experience. That’s why our fittings are specifically tailored to suit your bra concerns and fit needs, whatever they may be. After a Beija bra fitting, you’ll find yourself comfortable in the right size – skipping out the door with confidence.

What to Expect From Your Bra Fitting 

Although there are several ways to measure yourself for a bra, we highly recommend joining us in person for a bra fitting so that one of our experts can accurately determine your size. However, we understand that not everyone is located in reach of our Kings Cross, London store, so we also offer alternative options such as our online bra fitting calculator and bra size chart, plus our guide to the best style of bra for your size. Alternatively, you’re welcome to book a free online bra fitting.

Our online fitting appointments follow the same process as if we were face to face together in the store, but simply from the comfort of your own home instead! There’s no need to be faffing around with tape measures, complex measurements or confusing bra size calculators – our online bra fittings provide you with a personalised, tailored experience accompanied by advice specifically for your personal needs and requirements.Online bra fittingThis just involves a video chat between you and one of our expert bra fitters. Since bra fitting is best done by eye and product knowledge, it’d be really helpful if you could wear a bra that you feel really comfortable in or wear often. One of our fitters will then take you through the fit of the bra, checking the band, cups and underwire (if applicable).

Our expert will then explain what to look for and expect in a well-fitting bra, making suggestions (if needed) on how the fit of your bra can be improved. Together, you’ll have a chat about sizes and which Beija bras will work best for your shape!

Our whole fitting process (whether in-store or online) typically takes about 20 minutes, and there’s no need for you to be braless at any point, or to have measuring tape. We’re at the forefront of modernising the old school bra fitting method, which we believe is no longer suited to the needs of our modern consumer.

You’ll be sent a message at the end of your online bra fitting, which summarises what you and your Beija bra fitter talked about. Most importantly, it will note the bra sizes and styles that were recommended. You have the option to have a follow-up bra fitting to double check that the Beija bras that you’ve purchased (as per our recommendations) are comfortable and you’re happy with them!

Granary Square – Pay us a visit! 

With all of that said, we hope to see you soon here at Beija! You can find our flagship store in Coal Drops Yard – a shopping complex and foodie hotspot just off Granary Square, which is based in Kings Cross St Pancras. Apart from our flagship store, there are plenty of excellent cafés, bars and restaurants to entertain you for a day out.

Why not make a day of it and pop into Beija for a free in-store bra fitting? Regardless of your size, shape or situation, we can help you identify the perfect fit so that you will always feel comfortable – and not just physically! Our team will go the extra mile to make sure your experience will also be one of reassurance, comfort and belonging.bra fittingIf you'd feel more comfortable having a bra fitting online instead, we can offer that too! The whole process normally takes about 20 minutes, and there is absolutely no need for you to be braless at any point. Your safety and data is of utmost importance to us and we take it very seriously, therefore the chat link is totally protected and secure.

In-store and online, we only fit bras, not the briefs and thongs. 

You’re always welcome here at Beija. With love, 

Abbie and Mazie (founders of Beija)


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