Abbie's Favourite Female Muse | International Women's Month

Abbie's Female Muse | International Women's Month

This month each one of the Beija team will be sharing their female inspirations. Abbie is up this week here's who she picked:

"Tracey Emin is my eternal muse and a person to be grateful for as a champion and pioneer of non traditional femininity to celebrate this Women's History Month. Early on, through her I learnt about the beauty of the alternative, and the freedom of not craving positive public opinion. She is not classically ‘beautiful,’ her face isn’t symmetrical but to me she is a brave and talented artist but also an attractive and sexy woman. She is clever, open, emotional and honest. I like her style and how well she seems to know herself, her independence and that she looks absolutely cracking in a pair of espadrilles."

- Abbie, Co-Founder + Designer

Tracy Emin's: Why I Never Became a Dancer


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