Is There A Proper Way To Put On A Bra?

Jo Peach

So, you can absolutely put on a bra whatever way you want! There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to go about it. Of course it must be mentioned from the outset, that mobility does have an impact on our individual methods. At Beija, your comfort and ease is our priority, so please keep doing your thing if it works for you!

Before we get to the good stuff, the ‘twisting’ and ‘flipping’ methods must be addressed. These approaches aren’t enthusiastically recommended for a few reasons. Firstly, the actual motion of twisting and flipping the bra can be quite damaging. Wires can be warped, bent, stretched and strained, as too can the band and cups. It also increases the chance of the wire piercing through the fabric later down the line. These methods also don’t ensure that your breast tissue is sitting where it needs to.

So how does one properly put on a bra? We’d recommend giving the below a try -

Step 1:

Put the straps onto your shoulders, take hold of the underwires/band, and lean right forward.

Step 2:

Position the wires/band right underneath your breast tissue - both at the front of the cups and around to the side near your underarms. If needed, give the wire a little shimmy shake to make sure that it's sitting against your ribs and not your boobs.

Step 3:

Straighten up and fasten the band at the back. Re-straighten the straps on your shoulders if they’ve slipped.

Step 4:

Now we want to scoop. With your right hand take hold of the wire (or edge of the cup if non-wired) next to your right underarm. Using your left hand reach into the right cup. At the same time, scoop your breast tissue forward towards the centre of the cup, and then pull the wire back. Repeat on your left side.

Step 5:

After you’ve done your scoop, all your breast tissue will be sitting within the cup. However, you may need to slightly readjust at the centre of your cups by gently sweeping your fingers across the edges, to make sure everything sits flush.

Step 6:

Tighten or loosen your straps if needed.

You're done! 

This approach ensures no damage is being done to your bra, and that you’re properly sitting within the cup.


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